Choreography Cécile Bally
Performance Sunayana Shetty, Marc P. Gabriel, Asaf Aharonson, Liselotte Singer, Julia Plawgo
Artistic Advisor Clément Layes
Thanks to Emma Tricard, Alexandre Viard, Tabea Xenia Magyar and Philipp Enders

Knowledge traditionally refers to the world of science and rationality. Now let’s change the frame: If artists were the ones in charge of the creation of knowledge, what would our knowledge look like?

How would we apprehend the objects and entities surrounding us?

ON TRANSITIVITY AND SUCCESS: A SHOE is confronting 5 performers and 40 objects with scientific methods used to create knowledge. What is the relation between refutation and failure? Demonstration and success? What is the place of emotions in the logic of scientific discovery? The experimentation is happening on stage, a space where magic can happen rationality can be shaken up and the audience is willing to believe, for a while, in it.

ON TRANSITIVITY AND SUCCESS: A SHOE is therefore dealing with a paradox. The performer are constantly creating new truth and knowledge through common methods allowing a shared knowledge to appear. Nevertheless, magic and irrationality are here at the centre of knowledge creation.


September 2015 - Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam
April 2015 - Pop!Show!Fuck!Up! Festival - HZT Uferstudios, Berlin