If you understand what I say you will realize that I am not saying so much, if you don’t, you might guess that I try to say a lot. From the inside, I just try to follow an idea until the end and it is already a good challenge considering that I am looking at the stage from above in order to be sure to end at the front right corner.

A solo by Cécile Bally

Outside eye Angela Schubot, Asaf Aharonson, Alexandre Viard
With the friendly support of HZT Berlin and Goethe Institut Nachwuchsförderung

In 2013, I wrote a master’s thesis in decision theory on how ideas, in a creative process in contemporary dance, emerge, develop and blend into a piece. What is negotiated and who is deciding? I was looking at dance through ethnographic glasses in order to better understand its organization und created a model conceptualizing my observations.

In this solo, I try to understand, with a dose of absurdity, what it means to react physically to academic methodologies. How can a dramaturgy embody the conventional shapes of academic writing but not the meaning of its content?

Nudity as a costume and two simple props are chosen for their ability to take on different meanings and be the support of a rapid transformation of ideas.


°April 2016 - Dock 11, Berlin
°October 2015 - TheYard.Residency - Mitos, Limassol, Cyprus / Nachwuchsförderung Goethe Institut
°January 2015 - Tanztage 2015 - Sophiensaele, Berlin
°November 2014 - Works at Work - Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
°Mai 2014 - Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, Germany
°April 2014 - HZT INZUCHT Festival - Uferstudios, Berlin