AKTION is a lecture-performance about supermarket. The supermarket is a place where we all go, a modern place of gathering and harvesting; a hyper normed space that paradoxically stimulates our impulsive desires. Commodities are at the centre of this space, which standardizes our way of living and creates communal references while emphasizing economic disparities. Our research takes place mainly inside supermarket where we are collecting movements, images, micro-stories and sounds in order to create a sort of collective autobiography of this place. We are starting the reflexion as close as possible to the context of the observation before to allow a wild fictional interpretation of facts. This lecture performance is reflecting on how categories and schema can inspire performative states.

A lecture-performance by Cécile Bally researched together with Asaf Aharonson, Cathy Walsh, Marie Ursin and Eva Alonso
Thanks to Annie Ernaux for her book Regarde les lumières mon amour from where it all started
Financed by Fonds DaKu Initialförderung with the support of Kunstencentrum BUDA

                          Premiere / August 2018 - Ada Studio, Berlin